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Post by AlkoKilla on Mon May 18, 2015 4:14 pm

To all non-coleaders:

Please, for the sanity of the co-leaders, don't send an invite to join your game to any of the co-leaders. If we are on, please ONLY send us a message to ask for an invite to a game. Fortunately for the club, there are way too many people to keep track of. If we have an open spot, we'll invite you. If not, we'll send a message back to explain that we're full, but that we'll send an invite when someone drops. Failure to comply will get you ignored. Multiple offenses may get you the ban hammer.

Other than that, enjoy your races. I do want to race with all of you, but with the size and evolution of the club, it may prove difficult. Just send me a message for a game. I'm happy to play.


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