The details surrounding Sunday 4/25

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The details surrounding Sunday 4/25 Empty The details surrounding Sunday 4/25

Post by Tribian7 on Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:25 pm

On Saturday 4/25, a day earlier than mentioned, any club member with less than 100,000 XP for the week, have been kicked. There were nearly 100 club members kicked today, pushing the club instantly back onto Horizon 2's recommended list. This weekly process will serve to filter active members into the club, up to 150 members, at which point we fall off the recommended list.  New club members were joining faster than I was kicking the old ones. So much so that I was accidentally kicking new members for having 0 XP, not knowing they were new. Going forward, the club is going to require more work to stay organized. Club events are likely to go over 12 members on a regular basis, thus, any and all help by the co-leaders is appreciated and necessary for this to work.


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